The Audi 1995 S6 Avant was a one year vehicle sold in the United States.  So then what is with the 1995.5? Answer: They were really 1996 models, but Audi didn’t want to upgrade to the new OBDII standard.

So what is so special about this particular Audi S-Car?

  • It was the only wagon to be offered in the C4 body or inline 5 cylinder engine.
  • It is the closest thing you could get to a Audi RS2.
  • This vehicle also represents the last of Audi’s rally inspired 20 Valve 5 cylinder engine. (TTRS has now come along, still not the same)
  • This car also holds it value and is going up.

Audi S6 Value

Wagons always hold their value better. No matter the automotive make usually, wagons values are higher cause of their rarity. Did you know the rarest Mercedes made is not an SLS model, but an E63 wagon. They say they bring only about 10 a year to the U.S. Much the case with the S6 numbers were only around 200. Making the S6 one of the rarest Audi lines ever.  So I recently insured my S6 and was told that the average value of the car is between – low $6500 to a high of $14500. That’s not bad at all really, the valued mine at 10,000 and I didn’t complain since I paid $4500.

Exterior and Mechanical

Changes from the 1995 Model year carry over to 1995.5 with some exceptions:
* quattro IV w/ EDL.
* Rear differential no longer locks mechanically – rear diff “lock” is called EDL (electronic differential locking) but it is really the ABS system controlling rear wheel spin by applying the brake to the spinning wheel (Rear Diff Lock 101)
* Phasing in of transmission with wider first gear (in by Nov/Dec)
* Strut tower brace: tapered ends, different fastening
* Clutch master cylinder: not interchangeable with earlier unit (Clutch Master cylinder 101)
* Heater box: “back pressure” flap w/ servo motor added
* Keys are the new style “sidewinder” with a machine groove on the key side instead of teeth on the edge
* ProCon-Ten is completely gone (ProConTen 101) and replaced by explosive charge-induced pretensioning
* Magnolia pearl and Casablanca white new paint options


Changes from the 1995 Model year carry over to 1995.5 with some exceptions

* Audi/Blaupunkt Delta stereo head unit (single DIN chassis but face plate wider than single DIN)
* Sound system information no longer appears in remote dash display
* Optional 6 disc CD changer is sourced from Alpine but no other Alpine changers work, just those Alpine built for and sold through Audi
* Speakers in the rear doors
* Head rests are still solid but cross-section is rounder than 1995 (Headrest 101)
* Seat belt receivers are red instead of orange
* Avants get a rear sub located in the right rear cubby storage
* No differential lock switch (because of EDL)
* Cigarette lighter moves from the dash to the center console because of the width of the Delta head unit (room is available in the centre console because the “DIFF” lock switch was deleted because of “EDL” implementation)
* All windows now have express down
* Front windows have express up
* Chrome trim around gear shift knob
* Chrome handbrake push button
* Middle sun visor by the rear view mirror
* Cloth door panel inserts (instead of vinyl)
* 95.5 cars are pre-wired for rear lighter
* Climate Control lighting is redder than previous years