Welcome to JeffBassettAudi.com It all starts with customer service, something Jeff Bassett has had a track record of for years. He has excelled on Dealer Rater as one of the highest rated Audi sales people in the northern region. Auto Ad Builder worked with Jeff at Newton Audi in New Jersey previously, and kept the relation going after his transition to Audi Bridgewater. He said he wanted a place where all his customers could follow him. So we built him a stunning Automotive MicroSite to engage customers a place to read Audi News, Inventory,  Audi Videos and learn more about Jeff.

Jeff Bassett Audi (2)Jeff Bassett Audi

Meet Jeff: “I’m a car guy, all day long.”

A kid growing up in the 70’s, I was all about the Ford Mustang. It had a great sound and awesome lines, with all kinds of power—which you couldn’t always get to grip the road. I bought and restored several Mustangs, as well as a ‘65 Chevy pickup truck.

I was passionate for working with, and playing in and around, cars—talking horsepower and engines with my friends. We were just a small group of kids hanging around the racetrack. Eventually growing to owning, as well as sponsoring, a car. Hours and hours of putting cars together—and watching them get torn up in mere minutes. That was my idea of fun.

The love of the Mustang remained in my blood for 40 years. Then I met the Audi. The look and feel of the quality machinery won me over from Ford. You put more horsepower to the road with the all wheel drive of an Audi—and, wow—you can actually drive the car, and never feel the uncertainty of wondering if your car is going to slip. You may be thinking it’s mid-life sneaking up on me, however, I know it is a passion for a great automobile. I had never been a fan of any foreign car previously, and now I know I would take an Audi Quattro in the snow over any other make four-wheel vehicle.

My Audi career began in Newton, NJ, September of 2011, then I transitioned to Audi of Bridgewater for the grand opening in September 2014. That year, the Bridgewater/Mendham stores came in second of all regional Audi dealerships.

I continually strive to educate myself through Audi training, new vehicle design launches, remaining current in Audi technology through education, and testing in this knowledge. This system assists me in delivering correct information to my clients. I am aiming for a slot in the top 50 salespeople in the US, and am driven to be ‘Mr. Audi’. If you’re anywhere in NJ, I want to be the sales guy that you to come to. I’m inspired by these fine-crafted machines, and enjoy sharing the inspiration with you.

My previous career in the printing industry has translated to the customer service that I bring to my Audi clients. Always available to you, I encourage you to have more than just a typical business relationship with me. Stop in, see what’s new, and feel free to call or text me. I consider you each a friend that I am advising on the Audi brand.

My father had been a salesman most of his life. I vividly remember a conversation with him while discussing my career. He looked at me earnestly and stated, “I always wondered if you would be a good salesman, Jeff.” He had a love of sharing a product he believed in, conversation, and friendships. Being a salesman was in his blood, and probably wondered if it was in mine.

I’m sure he is grinning from ear to ear.

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