Mitsubishi Motors Celebrates 100 Years of Innovation

Automotive innovation started happening in the year 1917 when Mitsubishi introduced its very first car. The car was the Mitsubishi Model – A. The Mitsubishi Model-A was a luxury vehicle for government officials. It became the first mass produced vehicle in Japanese history.

Mitsubishi set out to become the most innovative automotive manufacturer. Over the years Mitsubishi set records with motors sports. At the 1962 Macau Grand Prix Mitsubishi Motors won its first entry at an international motorsports event. The car was the Mitsubishi 500 Super Deluxe.

By 1970, Mitsubishi started developing Electronic Vehicle research and becoming the first automaker to mass market such a vehicle. During the 1970s Mitsubishi Motors were making a name for themselves by releasing vehicles such as the Colt Galant GTO that would one day lead to becoming the Lancer Evolution.
In 1971 Mitsubishi sold their first vehicle in America. The vehicle was rebadged as the Dodge Colt. By 1976 Mitsubishi Motors developed the silent engine shaft technology and they would license patents to Porsche, Saab and Fiat.

Diesel vehicles have been very popular in recent times. But what many people did not know is that in 1980 Mitsubishi Motors engineered the first energy-saving turbo diesel engine. In 1982 Mitsubishi started having a huge footprint in the United States by releasing the Tredia, Cordia and Starion models into the market. Mitsubishi hit gold with the 1987 release of the Galant VR-4, the first vehicle to feature an active electronically controlled suspension. The car received the first car of the year award in Japan.

By 1990 Mitsubishi engineered two iconic sports cars, the 3000GT and the long selling Eclipse. The 3000 GT had a ground breaking AWD suspension system and active aerodynamics.

In the 1990s Mitsubishi successfully introduced the next-generation MIVEC engine technology that maintains engine performance while maximizing fuel efficiency. It would take many years for other automakers to utilize this kind of technology.
By 2003 the all wheel drive Lance Evolution would come to market. The vehicle would be one of the most popular sports cars on the market. But the most innovative technology did not come until 2010 when the i-MiEV was released. The electric vehicle would allow owners to plug the vehicle into a power outlet to charge. The i-MiEV was named the greenest vehicle of the year in 2012 by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy.

2017 marks the 100-year anniversary for Mitsubishi Motors. So what’s next for Mitsubishi Motors? Stay tuned as Route 9 Mitsubishi shares updates and innovation for the brand. For now check out this video.