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At Crazy Joe’s Auto Sales they specialize in Step Vans! They always hold a variety of different sizes and rear door configurations for our utility vehicles. One thing that is always the same is the quality, low mileage and cleanliness of their trucks. If interested in a Pre-Owned Used Step Van For Sale please visit:

Multi-stop trucks (also known as walk-in delivery or step vans) are a type of light-duty and medium-duty truck created for local deliveries to residences and businesses. They are almost always forward-control vehicles, designed to be driven either sitting down or standing up, and often provide easy access between the driver and goods, hence the name “Walk-In Delivery” van. They are taller than full-size vans such as the Ford Econoline, Dodge A-Series/B-Series/Ram Vans, and Chevrolet G-Series vans, but can have wheelbases that are shorter than these models or longer.

Uses Though commonly referred to as “bread trucks” and “bakery trucks,” trucks like these are used for delivering many other goods and services. Many have also referred to them as “Step-Vans” despite the fact that this was a name only used by Chevrolet (see below). Another common group of users include electric power companies, both with and without cherry picker scoops. The ones with such devices tend to be half-cab vans. Occasionally they’ve been mounted with common truck bodies, such as bottlers.